I’m primarily interested in sci-fi, fantasy, magical realism, or fairy tales, and usually about timeless subjects as life, death, good, evil, ethics, free will, and existence. You know, light stuff like that. Presently, I am working on my Aegea series (see tab above), which places certain mythic characters and legends in a modern fantasy setting. You can learn about this and my other stories in the tabs at the top of the blog.

cover.jpg6 Million
(a moral dilemna wrapped up in a time travel story)

A young woman finds herself in a situation, in which she can save millions of lives. All she has to do is end another. The problem is that she is a strict, no-exception pacifist. Either path seems equally abhorrent to her. And the decision is tearing her apart.

mower_cover.jpgThe Mower
(some people just get tired of the way things always change)

For as long as anyone could remember, the Mower buzzed through their village, once every new moon, and left a multitude of change in his wake. A few people that have had enough of the Mower, decide to put all of it to an end.

(a modern fantasy based on mythic archetypes)

Something strange lands in a mountaintop lake. It seems to have ties to an ancient–and forbidden–story, that up until now, was assumed to be a fiction. It reveals a hidden set of directives to three people it brought together. They set out to find out to find out what lay at the end of the road.

An Appointment With Destiny

You ever wonder if there was somebody up in the sky, who wakes up some days, and thinks “How can I screw this pathetic loser today?” One guy decides to get even.