A few days ago, I shared a few folders on my computer, so that my stepdaughter could listen and view my music and videos. However, in the process, my XBOX360 could no longer connect to my computer. I tried fixing it last night. But, instead, I screwed up even more stuff. I not only cannot connect to my XBOX, but I cannot access the internet either.

However, it was kind of nice. I just sat on my couch and watched some TV. I knew surfing my RSS reader, digg, and FriendFeed was possible. So, I didn’t feel compelled to do so, as I usually do.

I probably could fix everything with a reinstall of XP. But, I’ve been toying with the idea of staying off the net at home. At least on my laptop. And at least for a certain period of time. I can still surf at both my work places, and use my phone to post to Twitter, scan FriendFeed, check my mail, and catch up on my feeds.

If I stay off the net, I may be able to catch up on my writing. And it will force me to turn to other pursuits such as videogames, reading, TV, or something outside.