I picked up Issue 10 of Alphabet City Magazine. It’s small and hard bound. This issue is titled “Suspect” and is described as “Essays, photography, fiction, film, and graphic novels examine the figure of the suspect and the politics of suspicion in a post-9/11 world.” The cover image is one of an eyes. And the first handful of pages are other grahic representations of an eye, including the triangularly-framed eye in the Great Seal and Hal’s red videocamera lens from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Usually, when I read a magazine, I scan through it first, and stop to read the stuff that interests me first. And naturally, I look at the pictures first. But, if I do that, much of the content will probably never get read.

Then, I thought, if I actually read this from beginning to end, and not skip ahead, very new thing will be more of a surprise. It will be like watching a movie that I know nothing about. And since this magazine has a theme, the editor may have actually had a reason behind the order of the content.

Anyway, I’ll see if I am successful in this.