blade.jpgAbout a year ago, I joined a Horde guild that seemed pretty heavy into RPG. Guildchat and meetings were delightfully in full character. And many of the players kept journals of their characters in blogs.

So, I created a few characters myself, both for a Tauren Shaman and a Forsaken Rogue. And, I created blogs for each of them as well…

The Rogue’s Blog: A Blade in the Dark
The Shaman’s Blog: The Accounts of Ishanu

I really wanted to continue with each of these characters. However, I soon learned that the guild was pretty much on it’s way out. The characters never got to developed any further.

I look at these blogs today and I think what short a life these two virtual beings had. Here today, gone tomorrow. A whisper in the wind. And outside of a bit of data on the World of Warcrafts servers, and some text on the WordPress server, it is ulikely they will ever been seen or heard from again.