The world has too long tried to solve its personal and societal problems through religion, politics, and philosophy. I say that instead of praying for someone or something, do something about it. Don’t look for the secret of or purpose of life. Life is what’s right in front of you. There is no hidden or predetermined purpose for your life. Our goal is just to survive, and help family and friends survive. If you want a purpose, make it yourself. But don’t call it a purpose. Call it a goal. And the goal is up to you. And if you aren’t harming anybody with or in the pursuit of that goal, you wont’ get any argument from me.

The world is so caught up in religious, commercial, political and nationalistic purposes and directives. And they’re all so convinced they’re come from a higher being. Or at least a universal truth. So much of our ills arise from the world of thoughts and fictions. What about the realities? The individual people’s problems. Yes, taken as a whole, these problems are monumental. But taken one at a time…?

Praying is a cop-out. But so is complaining and blaming a political party, philosophy, or figure. If you feel strongly about a political philosophy or figure, either do something about it. Or shut up. If you support the war, either sign-up, or send the troops goodies and letters. If you don’t…write your representatives or go out and march. I love something I saw on the net somewhere: “America’s not at war. The military is. America is at the mall.”

I watched the documentary Rainbow Man/John 3:16 the other day. He was the perfect example of someone being sucked into the world of thoughts and fictions. He was experiencing the world through preachers and tabloid show producers. And each have a monetary agenda. The first wants donations, while the second wants advertising revenues. They fed on him and left him a delusional zombie.

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