Scene from “Hiding and Seeking”There are a number of movies that I have seen that either as a whole, or in part, exemplify incredible love. And I plan to post many of them in this blog. And each of these movies highlight one or many of love’s manifestations, whether it be simple affection and regard by one individual for another, or courageous love in action, sometimes at the risk of losing one’s own life.

The documentary, Hiding and Seeking, showcases the latter.

In short, a father takes his sons to Poland, with the hope of finding the rescuers that hid the sons’ grandfather (the father’s father-in-law) during the Holocaust.


Well, they do. The husband and wife that hid them are dead, but their daughter and son-in-law were still alive. And the daughter (now quite old, but sharp as a tack) turned out to be the one who brought the grandfather (and his brothers) his meals.

One of the highlights of the film is when she is asked why she and her family did this. She answers, simply, “Out of pity.” The other is the powerful and sincere speech given by Israel’s ambassador to Poland when the Polish family was officially declared as “Righteous Amongst the Nations.”


To see humanity at its finest, amidst humanity at its worst, I recommend checking this out.