I recently discovered the athiest blog Unorthodox Atheism.

In his description, the author says.

You wouldn’t think it would, but Atheism made me a happier and more fulfilled person than I ever was. Atheism has made me free to be who I am.

I can say that I have felt the same thing.

I’d been christian the first 25 years of my life, then other religions, and recently, atheist. And I can say as well that I’m happier as an athiest.

And there’s a simple reason for that.

When you believe that there is a divine being running the world, and things don’t go well for you, you either believe…

1. God is not helping you, because you are not good enough (sin too much) or you’re not doing something right (don’t have enough faith, not praying the right way, etc.)

2. God just doesn’t want to help you, because he either doesn’t care that much about you, or just doesn’t like you

I would spend many sleepless nights praying for God to help me, or beating myself up for not being good enough for him to help me.

Now, when things go wrong, I realize they are just natural, logical consequences of my actions, other’s actions, or just plain dumb luck.

However, I must say, that being an atheist has made me sad in one area. With no belief in an afterlife, I can no longer depend on or look forward to seeing my passed loved ones again. And I’m not too crazy about ceasing to exist entirely one day. I for one would love to live forever. I enjoying just existing, thinking, being.